Coral Reef: Tilapia with White Bean Salad

Trout with Bean Salad

Pan Seared Tilapia 

with White Bean Salad in a Tomato Vinaigrette
Coral Reef Restaurant, EPCOT

Serves 4

4 fish fillets of tilapia
herb salt
olive oil

Bean Salad:
1 cup roasted fennel
1 cup roasted sweet onions
1 cup roasted French beans
1 cup cannelloni beans
20 each cherry tomatoes
lemon butter
4 each Parmesan lavosh (French bread with parmesan cheese melted on it)
1 cup tomato vinaigrette (your favorite brand)

1. Season fish with herb salt and olive oil. In a skillet, sear the fish on one side until golden and then fillip on the other side and finish cooking.
2. Toss fennel, onions, French beans, cannelloni beans and greens in the tomato vinaigrette.
3. Assemble salad on the plate, place cherry tomatoes around the salad and drizzle tomato vinaigrette around.
4. Please fish on top of the salad, brush the fish with lemon butter and garnish with the parmesan lavosh.

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